TikTok Pixel integration

Table of contents

Why do you need TikTok Pixel?

TikTok Pixel is needed to collect information about the people who visited your multilink and track their actions. Using this data, you can make targeted advertising for the right part of the audience.

How to install TikTok Pixel on link in bio YAPA.page?

Select “Multilink” from the menu and then “Widgets“. To install a TikTok Pixel on a page, you need to specify its ID in the “TikTok Pixel” field (available in PRO and MAX versions). You can try the features of the tariff for free for 3 days

What kind of events can be tracked?

The list of events can be found on the page.

How to check the operation of TikTok Pixel on the YAPA.page page?

We recommend using the official TikTok Pixel Helper extension for your Google Chrome browser. With this extension you will be able to see TikTok Pixel usage and event tracking

You can check the events in the TikTok Advertising Platform which is available at https://ads.tiktok.com/i18n/dashboard, then click on “Asset” and “Event”

On the page that opens, select “Website Pixel” and click “Manage

Создание тик ток пикселя для мультиссылки

In the window that opens, you can create a new pixel or use an existing one (if you already have a pixel, then skip the step below)

Select Developer Mode

In the window that opens, click Confirm

Copy your TikTok Pixel and paste it on the setup page (for details, see the paragraph above “How to install TikTok Pixel on the YAPA.page landing page”)

Open your page in the browser, if everything is configured correctly, then:

  • TikTok Pixel analytics page will show event details
  • TikTok Pixel Helper plugin for Google Chrome browser will show Page View event