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Why do you need it?

Your multilink will be available via a link in **** format. For example,

Available in all plans

IT IS FREE. Subdomains **** are available in both free and paid plans.

How to configure?

In your personal account, open the “Project Settings” -> “General” page. Click the “Edit” button.

In the “Edit information” window that opens, in the “Project address” field, select “ subdomain” (1) and specify the desired subdomain name (2). Don’t forget to save your changes.

How to verify a domain for facebook and other platforms?

Domain verification is often required to run ads. Select the verification method via the meta tag. Fill in the fields “name” (3) and “content” (4), as indicated in the instructions for verifying the domain in a third-party system (for example, Facebook), and save the changes.

After saving the changes on your page, a meta tag will be added to the tag, and you can run a domain validation check in a third-party system.

SSL/TLS certificate protection

Your site will be protected by a secure SSL/TLS certificate with the highest rating of A+ according to Qualys SSL Server Test