Stripe integration

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Accept payments from customers around the world with cardholder support in more than 195 countries. Offer dozens of local payment methods to improve conversion rates and create better experiences for your customers. Let Stripe handle complex regulatory nuances for each new country so you can focus on your core business.

Supported currencies: USD (US dollars), EUR (Euro) and others

Verification of receipt of payment: automatic, i.e. in in your account it is possible to track new payments and customer data

How to integrate

Setting up a connection to receive payments via Stripe on the platform consists of several steps:

  1. Setting up on the side of the Stripe payment system
  2. Setting on the side of

If you want us to take over the work of setting up the payment system on the side of, then use the turnkey service (from 15 USD).

First stage: Setting up a connection on the side of the Stripe payment system

Create Stripe Account

You need to create new Stripe account if you don’t have one. Go to and register

Get Publishable key and Secret Key

You need to copy “Publishable key” and “Secret Key” and these keys will be copied to platform later.

Enable webhook notification

Click on menu item “Developers” -> “Webhooks” and add new hosted endpoint

Endpoint URL” should be “

Events to send “payment_intent.succeeded” (Occurs when a PaymentIntent has successfully completed payment.)

Please click on “Add endpoint” and make sure that it is shown in the list of the webhooks

Second stage: Setting up a payment system on the side of

  • Login to your account
  • To connect the payment system, go to the General SettingsPayments page. Click on “Stripe” in the list of “Available Payment systems“:
  • Enter “Publishable key” and “Secret Key” received in Stripe
  • Click Create
  • Select payment methods (Selected payment methods will be in color)

Ready. Now you can receive payments from your multilink!