Manage multiple projects

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After registering in, your account will be created. The platform allows you to manage multiple projects through one account. Each project has its own plan, landing (multilink), calendar for online booking, customer base, product catalog, etc.

Why do I need multiple projects?

You will need multiple projects if:

  • You have several branches of the company and each has its own account
  • You have several Instagram accounts (for example, personal and work) and you want to make a separate multilink for each
  • You are the SMM manager of several companies and create your own multilink for each

How to add another project?

In the menu to the left of the user icon, select the “+ Add new Project” option.

In the window that opens, fill in the “Link to” and “Name” fields.

After a successful addition, a page with the details of the new project will open.

Switching between projects

To switch between projects, click on the name of the current project and select the project you want to switch to

Link to another project

In some cases, it may be necessary to make it possible for the user to navigate from one multilink to another.

  1. Register with, for example, with the name project1. After that, you will have a project project1
  2. Create a second project, for example named project2.
  3. Switch to your first project and go to the “Multilink” menu
  4. Click Add Item -> Others -> Link to project. Enter the name of your second project (in our example it is (project2). Save the element
  5. Ready. You can add other elements to your first project or also other links to your project