How to receive and process client requests?

Table of contents platform allows you to accept and manage client requests.

Using the client request element, you can collect customer data, for example, phone number, name, nickname in telegrams or instagram, etc. Create your own form/questionnaire for clients on your multilink and get notified about new client requests.

Flexible customization of the form for collecting contact information supports type fields: text, phone, email, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Instagram, selecting an option from the list.

Use our client requests management system:

  • change statuses
  • filter data
  • connect with clients in 1-click

How to create an client request form

  1. Log in to your account and go to the Multilink menu in the main menu.
  2. Click on the “+ Add Item” button. In the window that opens, in the “Business tools” section, select “Client request
  3. In the window that opens, you need to configure the client request form
    • Fill in the required fields in the Data tab. Only you will see the name of the form, you need to understand in what form the client left his data. You can change the text on the button and the message that the client will see after clicking on the button
  4. Next, let’s move on to setting up the fields of the form itself. You can add as many fields as you want to a form. Each field is configured individually:
    • Field name” – this is the name that will be shown to the client,
    • Field description” – this is a hint description (for example, about how to fill in the field) that will be shown to the client,
    • Field type” – select one of the supported field types: Text, Phone, Email, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Instagram, VK, list of options
    • Required field” – check the box if the form field you are creating should be required.
  5. You can customize the colors and transparency of the background and button using the Settings and Colors tabs
  6. Click on “Save” button

For example, let’s add a form in which we will request the client’s full name (required field) and WhatsApp (optional field)

Open the link, your page with the client request form will look like this (design may vary):

How to process client request and contact a client in a couple of clicks?

In the main menu of your account, go to the “Requests and Orders” menu. Here you can see all client requests filled by clients, filter received client requests by form name, recording time and current status.

For your convenience, you can use statuses to distinguish between new and old client requests. When a client sends a client request, it comes to you in the “Awaiting confirmation” status. Click on the three dots and select “Edit“. The client request window should open. In it you will see the data filled in by the client.

Let’s update the ticket status to “In progress“. To do this, click on the “Waiting for confirmation” button, in the list that opens, select “Processing“. The client request will be transferred to the status “in processing“.

In order to contact the client, you need to click on the “Contact Client” button. Based on the data filled in by the client, all possible options for contacting the client are shown (call, whatsapp, viber, telegram, etc.):

After the client request has been processed, you can transfer it to the “Processed” status.

New client request notifications

Notifications of new client request will be sent to your email by default.

To set up notifications about new orders in Viber and Telegram – see the article “Receiving notifications about orders in Viber and Telegram messengers

You will receive a message about the client request in the messenger in the following format:

New client request has been received: Page Customization
Name: Alex
Phone: +1909991112233
More details: