How to create link to Whatsapp in Instagram (Free)

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Step-by-step instruction

Today, Instagram is a complete business tool for both individual entrepreneurs and huge international companies. Instagram is used to promote their products and services, notify about promotions, discounts.

Instagram offers to use as communication methods: phone, email, and also allows you to add only one active link. But, unfortunately, in the modern world this is not enough. Most people now use instant messengers for communication.

Of course, you can add text with a phone number to the description of your Instagram profile, write that you can be contacted on Whatsapp or Viber using this phone number. But it is much easier for the client to switch to a convenient messenger with one click.

Receiving messages or applications via the messenger is convenient not only for the client, but also for the entrepreneur: there is no need to quit current affairs and answer calls. You can allocate time and analyze the received applications.

WhatsApp is the most popular and convenient messenger. But there is a small minus – you cannot write to a person on WhatsApp if he is not in your address book. Creating a new contact, then searching for it through the messenger, opening a dialogue is inconvenient. A great solution is a direct WhatsApp link button.

Using the service, you can start communication even if the number is not saved in your contacts or phone’s address book.

A new client visits a business page and sees a button with the text “Write on WhatsApp”. Visitor presses and automatically goes to the messenger, starts communication.

Configuration process:

  1. Create account in
  2. Create landing page and add Whatsapp button
  3. Publish your landing page
  4. Add link as your website in Instagram

Let’s consider these steps in more detail. See video instructions at the bottom of the page.

Create account in

You can register on using email or use fast and secure login via Facebook, Google, VK or Yandex.

More details you can find in “Signup process” article

Configure landing and add WhatsApp button

In case of successful registration, the “Information settings” page will be opened. On this page, scroll down and click on the “Set up landing page” button. On the page that opens, you can go through the Educational tour (the duration of the tour is 5 minutes, during the tour you will set up a WhatsApp button) or set up a landing page using the instructions below.

A multilink consists of blocks and elements. Each block and element can be customized and designed as you wish.

  1. Click on the “+ Add Item” button. In the window that opens, select “Messengers” and then “WHATSAPP”
  2. Fill in the phone number and Message template text for the button and click Save

3. If Autosave is enabled, then your page is already published and ready. If AutoSave is turned off, click “Publish” and your page will become available to everyone.

4. Click on the “Install Link” button and follow the instructions to install the link on Instagram.

Multilink installed in your profile! Now your customers will be able to write to you in Whatsapp in a few clicks.