How to add a product/service to link in bio page?

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Using the platform, you can tell all your customers about your products and services, as well as current promotions and discounts. This article describes how to add your products or services that were created in the products and services database. If you have not yet added products or services to the database, then you can read the instruction “How to manage your products/services in the database?

Step-by-step instruction

Adding the element “Catalog of products and services”

Open the “Multilink” page and click on the “Add element” button. in the window that opens, select the “Business Tools” category and the “Products and Services Catalog” element.

Select the products / services from the list that you want to show on this page.

If the List is empty, proceed to create products/services in your account.

How are goods/services displayed on the landing page?

Open the “Settings” tab of the “Catalog of products and services” element and select one of the “Catalog types”. There are 3 possible views:

  1. Carousel – selected products/services are shown one by one on a slide. You can flexibly configure the carousel features: automatic switching of slides with the selected switching interval, infinite carousel, show/hide navigation (switch between slides)

2. List – selected goods/services are displayed 1 in a row.

3. Tiles – selected products/services are displayed 1, 2 or 3 in a row (depending on settings).

You can customize your own button labels. For example, instead of the standard inscription “Write me” for the catalog of consultations, it would be more correct to indicate “Sign up”.

If your product has a short description, then you can turn off the option “Show description on a separate page”, then the active buttons “Order”, “Buy”, etc. will be displayed immediately on the first page. If the Product has a lengthy description, then it is better to enable the “Show description on a separate page” option, and on the first page there will be only the “Details” button, by clicking on which the client will be able to read more about the product/service and place an order.

If you have many products and they belong to different categories (lists), you can enable the “Show filter” option. Then the client will be able to filter your catalog by category and quickly find what he needs. Learn more about how to set up lists

It is possible to change the shadow settings and adjust the rounding of the corners of the tiles.

Catalog settings and colors

On the “Settings” tab, you can also configure:

  • Button text for going to details (default – More details)
  • Purchase button text (default – Pay)
  • Round button corners
  • Show/hide element shadow

On the “Colors” tab you can set:

  • Background color and transparency
  • Title text color
  • Description text color
  • Price text color
  • Discount price text color
  • Decoration for buttons (background – solid color, gradient, transparent background and text color, animation)

Plans: opportunities and limitations

In the free plan, you can add 1 item “Catalogue of products and services“, in which you can select only 2 goods/services.

In the PRO plan, you can add an unlimited number of items “Catalogue of goods and services”, in which you can add an unlimited number of goods/services. But you cannot activate the payment form.

In the MAX plan, you can add an unlimited number of items “Catalogue of goods and services”, in which you can add an unlimited number of goods/services and connect online payment.