Google.Analytics integration

Table of contents

Why do you need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an analytical service from Google that collects statistics about site visitors after installing a special counter on it. Google Analytics processes the information received from the site, showing data on visits, conversions, geolocation, traffic source, operating system and many other parameters in reports. The service includes dozens of different filters, about 100 types of reports and many options, which allows you to set up analytics for a project of any complexity.

How to install Google Analytics on link in bio page?

Select “Multilink” from the menu and then “Widgets“. To install a TikTok Pixel on a page, you need to specify its ID in the “Google Analytics” field (available in PRO and MAX versions). You can try the features of the tariff for free for 3 days

What kind of events can be tracked?

The list of events can be found on the page.

How to check the operation of Google Analytics on the link in bio page?

Open your landing page. Then open your Google Analytics account: “Real Time Report -> Overview” in a new tab.

If everything is connected correctly, then you should see at least one active user on the site.

To check active events, in Google Analytics go to “Real Time Response -> Events