Configure the sale of products/services on link in bio page

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The sale of a product or service on a multilink or website is possible using electronic payment systems. The payment system allows you to make an electronic transfer between the buyer and the seller, such systems are provided by banks or other large electronic services.

With the help of the payment system, you, as a seller, will be able to accept payments from buyers and withdraw this money by any available method that the payment system of your choice provides, for example, to your current account or card.

The client, in turn, has the opportunity to pay for your product or service with a card of any bank


In order for all statistics on your online sales to be taken into account, you need to set up your account in the payment system and your account. If the setting is done incorrectly, then after payment, the client may not receive letters and materials that you set up in the “actions after payment” in the goods and services menu.

To set up the sale of goods / services, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Connect one of the possible payment systems. (instruction)
  2. Enable online payment (instruction)
  3. Add products/services to your account (instruction)
  4. Create a catalog of goods / services on your multilink (instruction)