Configure online store

Table of contents

In you have the opportunity to sell your products and services and even make your own online store.

Go to the main menu in the Store

Here you can set up payment systems, create a database of goods, and set up the actions required from the client before and after payment.

  1. Connect one of the payment systems. If you do not plan to connect the payment system (it is possible that the client places an order without payment), skip this step. Then click Activate payment
  2. Before paying, it is possible to request additional information from the client (name, mobile phone, comment, email, delivery address or other data). Don’t forget to request Email if you sell electronic content and set up post-purchase actions in products
  3. If you have a lot of goods, you want the customer to be able to buy or place an order for several goods at once, activate the cart. Your multilink will display a panel with additional navigation between the catalog and the customer’s basket. In this case, you must select the currency in which the entire basket will be calculated, regardless of the currency of a particular product.
  4. Create base of products/services
  5. Add catalog of products to your page