Configure calendar

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In your account, go to the “Calendar” menu. Here you can set up an online recording of your services. This will require:

  • Add available services and their duration. Specify the maximum duration of each service.
  • Add a work schedule by day of the week. If your schedule differs by month or quarter, it is possible to add several work schedules. You can also add a separate work schedule for certain days using the holidays and weekends setting.

Configure calendar

Fixed slots: if this option is disabled, then you can sign up for any available time (for example, 09:17). Only calendar mode will be available for recording. If this option is enabled, free recording time will be divided into slots, and only slots can be recorded. Only the calendar and slots mode will be available for recording

Recording start time display every (available when fixed slots are enabled)

For example, work start time is 09:00, work end time is 12:00, service duration is 1 hour, recording start time display every 30 minutes. The page will show the available time, starting at 9:00 am in 30 minute intervals.

09:00 09:30 10:00 10:30 11:00

Calendar mode: calendar or slots. Choose one of the options for displaying online records

Calendar grid size: choose the most convenient option for displaying the calendar. The larger the grid size, the more compact the calendar will be