Analytics pixels for your page

Table of contents

The platform supports the integration of multiple platforms to get analytics:

Trackable events sends data about all events. All events will be prefixed with yapapage. Detailed description of events below.

Clicks on social network buttons (prefix yapapage:social-network)

  • yapapage:social-network:facebook – click on “Facebook” button
  • yapapage:social-network:instagram – click on “Instagram” button
  • yapapage:social-network:vk – click on “VK” button
  • yapapage:social-network:twitter – click on “Twitter” button
  • yapapage:social-network:odnoklassniki – click on “Odnoklassniki” button
  • yapapage:social-network:youtube – click on YouTube button
  • yapapage:social-network:snapchat – click on “Snapchat” button
  • yapapage:social-network:behance – click on “Behance” button
  • yapapage:social-network:dribbble – click on “Dribbble” button
  • yapapage:social-network:pinterest – click on “Pinterest” button
  • yapapage:social-network:twitch – click on “Twitch” button
  • yapapage:social-network:f3-cool – click on “F3 Cool” button
  • yapapage:social-network:tiktok – click on “TikTok” button

Clicks on messengers buttons (prefix yapapage:messenger)

  • yapapage:messenger:whatsapp – click on “WhatsApp” button
  • yapapage:messenger:viber – click on “Viber” button
  • yapapage:messenger:telegram – click on “Telegram” button
  • yapapage:messenger:vk – click on “VK Мессенджер” button
  • yapapage:messenger:skype – click on “Skype” button
  • yapapage:messenger:facebook-messenger – click on “Facebook Messenger” button

Clicks on other elements (prefix yapapage:custom)

  • yapapage:custom:email – click on “Write Email” button
  • yapapage:custom:link – click on “Link” button
  • yapapage:custom:schedule-link – Click on “ schedule” button
  • yapapage:custom:phone – click on “Call phone” button
  • yapapage:custom:paypal-me – click on “” button
  • yapapage:custom:yandex-money – click on “YooMoney” button
  • yapapage:submit-request – click on “Send client request” inside the client requests element


When working from the built-in browser of the Instagram application, people are not authorized in the social networks Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and others, this may be the reason for the decrease in Pixel performance.